H.323 Forum Open Community Specifications

Open Community Specifications are documents that provide either tutorial information related to H.323 or define new functionality to the base H.323 protocol specifications published by the ITU.

Since H.323 version 4, it has been possible for any organization, including vendors or other standards organizations, to develop extensions to the H.323 protocol to enable new kinds of functionality. The development of such new extensions within the H.323 Forum is a community process wherein any company, organization, or open source developer may draft proposed new extensions, have them peer reviewed by those participating in the H.323 Forum, and published here for use by others.

Informational Documents

H.323 Protocol Extensions

How to Participate

Discussion is underway on the H.323 Forum mailing list. Additionally, if you would like to submit a protocol extension for review and consideration, please use this template when composing your extension so that all documents will have a consistent appearance.


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