H.323 Mailing Lists

H.323 Implementers List

The H.323 Implementers List is intended for implementers who have a question or comment about the H.323 protocol. This list is monitored by their editors and chair of the H.323 standards committee and replies are therefore quite authoritative.

If you wish to manage your subscription or view the mailing list archives, you can do so by visiting https://lists.packetizer.com/mailman/listinfo/h323implementers.

H.323 Forum List

:: This list no longer exists ::

The H.323 Forum™ mailing lists are open to all interested parties. You must be a member of the lists to post messages or access the archives.

Join the H.323 Forum Mailing List. Learn about other mailing lists from IMTC that you may be interested in receiving, at the IMTC Website.

To send a message to the H.323 Forum™ mailing list, use the following address: h323forum@mail.imtc.org.

You can access the list archives in two ways, via a web interface.

Other Mailing Lists

Packetizer maintains a list of H.323-related mailing lists.

H.323 Discussion Forum

Packetizer sponsors an H.323 discussion forum where experts in the H.323 protocol provide answers to developer and end-user questions. Many frequently asked protocol questions are also documented in the Implementation Notes section on Packetizer.