About H.323


The H.323 protocol suite is an ITU standard addressing multimedia communication. Today, H.323 enjoys the majority share of Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Video Over IP (videoconferencing and telepresence) markets. Carrying traffic measured in billions of minutes of use per month, H.323 has proven to be an extremely scalable protocol that meets the needs of both service providers and enterprises worldwide. This offers the voice/video industry huge opportunity and responsibility: (1) opportunity to the companies offering H.323 products and services, (2) responsibility to build a flexible network that enables services we can only imagine today.

H.323 Forum™

The H.323 Forum™ was created under IMTC (with ITU support) to address a growing industry need to promote H.323 protocol awareness. While H.323 solutions are widespread, inaccurate protocol information abounds. H.323 Forum™ provides the needed H.323 industry voice and meeting place. Goals we've set for ourselves include the following:

  • Maintaining this website containing both technical and marketing information.
  • Coordinating ongoing H.323 Forum™ conferences to discuss important industry issues.
  • Defining H.323 certification criteria by which vendor equipment can be measured in a consistent manner.
  • Representing H.323 interests in related conferences and forums.

An industry leadership team representing Service Providers, Vendors, and System Integrators help direct H.323 Forum™ efforts. IMTC and H.323 Forum™ members are also welcome to join planning meetings to voice their opinions. In the end, the H.323 Forum™ will be as successful as our members make it.

Let's all look forward to a brighter tomorrow where multimedia services become common place - changing the way the world works and plays.


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